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What is the time commitment?

We have found that the more time you invest in your business, the more successful you are.  Independent Contractors should devote several hours a week to marketing and developing a strong client base.  In the beginning phase of onboarding, an independent contractor will need to spend 5-8 hours completing the required online training and testing offered by Disney Destinations.  In addition, 2-3 hours is spent with the owner of the company and/or other agents as you become familiar with our processes and procedures.  Monthly trainings and conference calls are offered to encourage and motivate agents.

Is there a significant financial commitment?

New contractors are charged a one-time fee to offset the costs involved in bringing on new agents.  There are no annual fees or assessments.  Independent Contractors (IC) should have a computer (desktop or laptop) and a phone (mobile or landline) dedicated to the business.  A secure, high-speed internet connection will be needed to connect and book with vendors.

How do I get paid?

Independent Contractors earn a commission that is paid by vendors to the agency once the client travels.  The commission split between the IC and the agency is based on the revenues generated by the agent.  The agency pays monthly, on or around the 15th.  At the end of the year, each IC will get a 1099 for tax purposes.  Please note that our agents are NOT employees, but Independent Contractors.

Do I get discounted travel?

There may be opportunities for discounted travel once the IC has reached a certain level of revenue generation.


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